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Compensation Plan

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What is a Consultant?
    A Consultant is someone interested in promoting the ArtShop@Home brand, building a team of Affiliates and Consultants and earning commissions when purchases are made through their replicated website or through their team member's replicated websites.
  • How do Consultants Earn Money?
    Consultants earn 20% sales commission on every sale made by their personal customers from their replicated website. They also earn 10% commission on the sales made by their first level team member sales, 5% commission on second level team member sales, 3% on third level team member sales and 2% on fourth level team member sales.
  • Can Consultants Earn Bonuses?
    Yes, Consultants can earn one time personal and team performance bonuses based on achieving milestones. Bonuses range between $50 - $5000. Consultants can also earn up to an additional 10% commission on personal sales when they reach designated milestones.
  • What is the Difference between an Affiliate and a Consultant?
    Affiliates earn 10% commission on sales made through their replicated website, They do not have the opportunity to build a team and earn team commissions or bonuses. Affiliates do not pay business set-up or admin fees. Consultants earn 20% on sales made through their replicated website and have the opportunity to recruit Affiliates and Consultants. They will then earn 10%, 5%, 3% and 2% commission on sales made four levels deep into their organization. Consultants also have the opportunity to earn personal and team performance bonuses, plus increase their personal sales commission to 30% when they reach designated milestones.
  • What are the qualifications to earn money as a Consultant?
    To remain a Consultant you must purchase the Business Set Up for $39 and pay a $5/mo admin fee. However, there are ways to earn free months of admin fees and even challenges that award free admin fees for life! Including the achieving the Fast Start Challenge. Enroll 3 Consultants in your first 30 days and your Admin Fees are waived for life.