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Hi, I'm Julie (yep, that's me).

I took this random selfie on one of the last days ArtShop Coffee was open. This is the back corner of our craft studio. We sure had a lot of fun teaching classes, hosting art parties and sip 'n paints! We poured a lot of paint and our share of wine in our cute little shop....

Here is the ArtShop Story...

How we started as a coffee shop and craft studio in Littleton, CO to becoming one of the fastest growing online Art Party & Craft Supply direct sales companies in the US.

We Started as a Coffee Shop

In November of 2019 the Collins Family (Julie, Joe and Jessica) opened ArtShop Coffee, part coffee and sweets shop, part gift shop and part craft studio. For just about 4 months things were wonderful! We were making new friends in our Littleton, CO community, hosting painting parties, birthday parties and just hanging out working on our diamond paintings. 

Then - in March 2020 - we closed ArtShop Coffee due to Covid-19. 

We were not ready to give up and decided that we needed to bring the ArtShop experience into the homes of people all over the US, not just Littleton. That is when ArtShop@Home was born! 

We've decided to use a direct sales marketing approach to grow the ArtShop@Home brand across the country. This means that instead of spending money on advertising, we pay commissions to independent sales consultants and affiliates to spread the word with us. 

We're able to help people earn a side income while so many are out of work or under-employed.  We thought this was a great solution for a lot of problems and a way to turn our sad situation of closing ArtShop Coffee into something positive and much bigger.

As consultant teams grow and people are shopping on their replicated websites, their incomes grow. The more happy customers, the more happy consultants. It's a win-win for everyone.

The difference between ArtShop@Home and some other direct sales companies is that we don't have a complicated compensation plan or unrealistic qualifications. Our mission is to bring creativity into homes and provide a way for everyday people to earn some extra money by sharing our website and spreading kindness. 

It's that simple. We're not here to make teachers and restaurant servers into master sales people, we're here to help anyone who wants to learn about our products be able to share the ArtShop experience with others. We're helpers, not sales people. 

We don't worry about "overcoming objections" or begging friends and family to "join our thing", we just share a really fun arts and crafts, party and gift shop that carries super fun and unique things. No pressure, just an introduction to our store. 

However, we will teach our team members how to help their customers plan themed parties and host virtual workshops or in-home art parties if they want to. This is our way of providing the customer with a very personalized experience and bringing the ArtShop experience to their home.

From ArtShop Coffee to ArtShop@Home, we're still here pouring paint and covered in glitter. Now, we can spread our sparkles further. 

Want to join us?

Meet Our National Team of Founding Consultants